A Stranded Door

Where we live sometimes we tend to ignore several things of that particular area. I live in a typical Delhi-style apartment which I think is less beautiful than some other parts of the same city. Despite this, ever since I started to participate in Norm’s Thursday Doors weekly photography feature I am able to look for beautiful/unique … More A Stranded Door

Neighborhood Doors

I captured these lovely doors/entrances in my neighborhood while I was on my morning walk before 6:00AM. You might wonder why this early…because let’s face it, I stay in India ~ New Delhi and people here will actually freak out ~ for real & I’m not kidding and they might even be seriously offended. That would also mean inviting infinite questions for me to explain … More Neighborhood Doors

Light up the world

Hi guys, Happy Sunday!!! Last week after dropping my mum and brother for a night bus to Amritsar, me and my cousin went for a drive around India Gate and Rashtrapati Bhavan, Delhi. On way we found a office building well lit from outside with these beautiful lamps and I felt the immediate urge to … More Light up the world