View from Taj Mahal

Last week we visited Agra, the iconic Taj Mahal. I have been there numerous times now but never leave a chance to visit again, after all it is the only one of the Seven Wonder’s of the World which I have seen yet 😀 The main marble Taj monument is mirrored with 2 red sandstone buildings – … More View from Taj Mahal

Artistic Doors at Louvre Museum!!!

I was completely appalled in my visit to Louvre Museum by witnessing gorgeous architecture, artworks and amazing doors 😉  So posting the picture of a beautiful door placed in a well-craved entrance for Norm’s Weekly Photography feature – Thursday Doors.   – The Wanderer Connect with me on Instagram and Twitter.

A Stranded Door

Where we live sometimes we tend to ignore several things of that particular area. I live in a typical Delhi-style apartment which I think is less beautiful than some other parts of the same city. Despite this, ever since I started to participate in Norm’s Thursday Doors weekly photography feature I am able to look for beautiful/unique … More A Stranded Door

Lovely Surprise Gifts

Last month we hosted some close relatives ~ Aunt & Uncle, from Mumbai for a week. Their daughter shifted to the USA post marriage and makes it a point to visit India every December on Christmas. Before Christmas, they go on massive shopping spree on Thanksgiving courtesy Black Friday 😀 Their parents visited us this … More Lovely Surprise Gifts