A deserted entry

Delhi never fails to enthrall me in any manner, be its history, the food, the urban architecture or the narrow alleys. When I visited Qutub Minar the very first time since my stay in Delhi, I made sure to click as many pictures I could. Even after coming out of its premises, I found this … More A deserted entry

A tainted window

Going by my love for finding anything new to capture within and outside my city, I going this awesome window. Well, it was not really in black and white but I think monochrome adds more drama to the picture.. Right?? I clicked this picture while we went on a stroll around Delhi towards Agrasen ki … More A tainted window

Fun facts about Agrasen ki Baoli

Whenever I think of history, I am always amazed by the skills and technology used at that time. I believe how much technology might have advanced these days, but the concepts used historically were also precious and can still be incorporated while conceiving ideas for modern architecture.  In India, there are a number of Baoli’s (water channels) and Delhi … More Fun facts about Agrasen ki Baoli

A Stranded Door

Where we live sometimes we tend to ignore several things of that particular area. I live in a typical Delhi-style apartment which I think is less beautiful than some other parts of the same city. Despite this, ever since I started to participate in Norm’s Thursday Doors weekly photography feature I am able to look for beautiful/unique … More A Stranded Door

Neighborhood Doors

I captured these lovely doors/entrances in my neighborhood while I was on my morning walk before 6:00AM. You might wonder why this early…because let’s face it, I stay in India ~ New Delhi and people here will actually freak out ~ for real & I’m not kidding and they might even be seriously offended. That would also mean inviting infinite questions for me to explain … More Neighborhood Doors

A wrecked entrance

Sometimes I find it difficult to find interesting doors in my city for Norm’s Thursday Doors Challenge. When I am travelling, I usually find intriguing doors/entrances. Today posting the picture of a door or you may it as an entrance and I might denote it as a striking entrance of a house located just on … More A wrecked entrance