Drench yourself in picturesque Sangla


Sangla is a beautiful village in Kinnaur district of Himachal PradeshAs it is located in upper Himachal, the journey to Sangla is not only adventurous but also prolonged one(read more on that here).


The boundary of the town starts with a bus stand followed by a small yet pragmatic market having ample options of hotels available nearby. Locals from nearby comparatively smaller villages also use this market for their basic needs as the other main market is in Rampur which is almost 3 hrs away. Although, most of the houses are located in the valley and not on the main highway so to get the vibe about the village, we have to walk down the narrow alleys surrounded with lovely colored houses.



As, Sangla is virtually cut off from the rest of the country for a good six months because of heavy snowfall, the houses are built of wooden structure primarily. Wooden logs are very commonly found in every other house here. 


I was even amused to see that most of the locals store (& cover) water tanks to prevent the (limited) available water from freezing during winter season. Below are a few of the houses located on hilltop with beautiful view of the valley and Baspa river flowing beneath.



I was overwhelmed by the flamboyant valley and alluring houses with creative doors. Truly delighted to notice that locals here are not afraid to experiment with the colors and art they can put in their lovely homes’ entrance 🙂


I didn’t even expect such interesting doors in Sangla, but as soon as I found these, I thought these are extremely photogenic..What do you think?? Are you also a door lover, see more from Norm’s Thursday Doors Collection.

Have you been to Sangla? Do share your experience with me in the comment box below.


– The Wanderer

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