Get Immersed in the history of Notre Dame Cathedral ~ Paris


Have you read about the last post where I posted since fun facts about Louvre MuseumAnd now moving to my next destination in Paris ~ Notre Dame. Considering my first visit (definitely not last!!) to Paris I wanted to cover all the top attractions and leaving out a few that will make me come back again 😀

After spending few days in Paris anyone would love to ride to metro or walk wherever possible. To visit the world famous cathedral I walked over 2 kms exploring every nook and corner. Looking at the church from across the river Seine I was awestruck by the French-Gothic architecture which took over 200 years to build. Below image is a model of the entire structure of the cathedral.


The cathedral stands tall at 130 meters and is almost 50 meters wide with windows as wide as 10 meters. Notre Dame de Paris is actually a french name for ‘Our Lady of Paris‘. The towers can be visited for city views, but it is always recommended to check with the timings because I got there post 5:30 PM and it was closed by then. The famous twin towers in the front stand high at 69 meters. 



#Few Facts about the Cathedral

  • Notre-Dame was among the first building to use Flying Buttress – It was not intended initially, but as the construction started and when the thinner walls grew higher the structure wasn’t considered stable then the architects suggested to use the pattern.IMG_1551
  • Till date, the cathedral remains the finest example of the French-Gothic architecture and at the same time it is also one of the largest church buildings in the world.IMG_1559
  • During French revolution, the cathedral suffered severe desecration and many of its religious structures were destroyed. Towards the middle of 18th century, Eugene Viollet-le-Duc commenced extensive restoration for the same. IMG_1549
  • The construction of the church originally started in 1160 by Bishop Maurice de Sully and post his death different architects worked on the structure which justifies difference in the heights of western towers. IMG_1548
  • Although the cathedral took almost 200 years to be built completely, one of the the major change came in 13th century when the North rose window was built based on Rayonnant style. IMG_1556
  • The cathedral has 10 bells and out of those the largest ~ Emmaneul is located in the Southern tower weighing over 13 tons. 


Have you been to Paris? Did you get a chance to visit Notre Dame? Please share you experience with us!!

Stay tuned for more!! 

– The Wanderer

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