Bhubaneshwar – Must See Attractions

Bhubaneshwar – Capital of Odisha – also known as ‘The City of Temples’ is slowly turning into a Smart City now. Bhubaneshwar has various historic Hindu temples from 1st Century BC strongly depicting the (now Odisha) Kalinga architecture dedicated to Lord Shiva. The name of the city – Bhubaneshwar – is also named after Lord Shiva. This was the probably the longest day of our trip because we covered so many attractions in a single day starting from Shanti Stupa till the evening flight for Delhi so sit back and enjoy your coffee, this is going to be looonngg read 😉

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#Lingaraja Temple

After covering Shanti Stupa on the outskirts of Bhubaneshwar, we started the city tour with the *Lingaraja Temple* – Dedicated to Lord Shiva and the most prominent temple of the city standing tall at 180 feet and also amongst one of the most famous tourist spots of the city. The main Shiva temple is the main attraction of the temple and yet is also surrounded by various small temples dedicated to various other Hindu deities.

lingarajImage Source – Google

Quick Tips –

  • If visiting via personal vehicle/taxi – leave shoes in the cab/vehicle to avoid hassle at the shoe counter.
  • Prasad easily available outside the temple.
  • Don’t hire a priest unless you know nothing about the temple.
  • In case of a quick visit, visit only the main Shiva Temple and may skip the rest.

** Refer other tips from Puri trip – Jagannath Temple – mostly will apply here as well.

#Muktesvara Temple

Another major temple of the city and a major tourist attraction which is also known as ‘Gem of Orissan Architecture’. The temple is also dedicated to Lord Shiva and dates back to 950–975 CE and is an architecture marvel. The temple is comparatively small as compared to other temples in the city, has a small pond inside the premises as well and is carved beautifully. The temple gets its name with reference from Buddhism – ‘Lord who gives freedom through Yoga’ and it is also depicted in various forms of aesthetically carved figures on the temple structure.


#Udaygiri And Khandagiri Caves

Situated on the outskirts of Bhubaneshwar city are the ornately carved rock architecture on a hill top presumed to be belonging to Jain puritans. The caves dates back to 2nd Century BC historically built by King Kharavela. Khandagiri caves are located just opposite the Udaygiri caves and differ from the latter in terms of a Jain Temple situated on the hill top and can be reached via stairs. While Udaygiri caves doesn’t have stairs and a circular structure on top from where the views of entire Bhubaneshwar city can be enjoyed.


Quick Tips

  • Entry fee of 5/- Rupees for India citizens & tourists from SAARC countries and 100/- Rupees for tourists from any other nation.
  • Can not be reached directly by buses ~ government buses only go till nearest Baramunda bus stand and then auto rickshaw or private cabs till the main entry of the caves costing not more than 30-250 INR.
  • Be careful at the Khandagiri caves ~  if you can trek on stairs then only prefer, else you may only cover Udaygiri caves.
  • Very few tour guides are available ~ better to do proper research before visiting.
  • Better to visit early morning/late evening to avoid scorching sun.
  • Very close to the airport ~ can be kept as last leg of the itinerary, if travelling via flight.

#Nandankan Zoo and Botanical Gardens

Established in 1960 and open publicly around 1980 which became the first Indian Zoo to join World Association of Zoos and Aquariums. The place zoo and a botanical garden, and unfortunately we couldn’t cover zoo in the trip so that’s a real miss. To give you guys an insight, attaching some pictures from Google suggesting you to not miss this place.

                         Image Source – Google


Well, this brings an end to our memorable Odisha trip which left us craving for more..who knows when we might return.

Read more about the rest of the trip here – Puri, Chilika Lake, Konark and Shanti Stupa.

Enjoy and keep up your wanderlust 😀


– The Wanderer

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9 thoughts on “Bhubaneshwar – Must See Attractions

  1. Beautiful! Had no idea about the caves … I saw three cities in one rainy day in ’94. I spent more time with Odisha locals in buses … So that was sweet!
    Thanks for your visits and compliments. Look fwd to further iPhone i-interactions😉

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