Shanti Stupa – The Buddhist Center of Odisha

“Nobody likes war – A statement which holds true irrespective of the era.”

Odisha(historically Kalinga) was the war field for the historic Kalinga War fought by King Asoka in Dhauli hill on the banks of River Daya. It is rumored that the water stream of the river turned red from the bloodshed of the war. After the completion of the war, Asoka realized the murkiest side of war and thus converted into peace propagator.


#Shanti Stupa(Peace Pagoda)

Shanti stupa is located on a hill top in Dhauli district of Odisha and the locals also call the Stupa as ‘Dhauligiri’.


Asoka went on expanding the Shanti Stupa to make it a major Buddhist center and spread the message as far as till Greece. The Shanti Stupa is also known by the name of ‘Peace Pagoda’. Asoka laid the foundation of various stupas and pillars for promoting Buddhism or peace.



#Ashokan Rock Edicts

Dhauli also have famous Rock Edicts popularly known as ‘Asoka Edicts’ well known for being the rocks where King Asoka hid under an elephant shaped rock and promoted peace & are written in Brahmi script.



Tips –

  • Located at 7kms from Bhubaneswar city – you may reach Dhauli by bus or a private taxi.
  • Rock edicts are located on the way to Shanti Stupa – most cabs/buses tend to skip them – ask driver to make a quick stopover to get a dose of history.
  • The main rock edict depicting the Brahmi script is situated on right-side of entrance and is locked so to prevent tampering by school kids – Ask from the guard to open the edict.
  • The translation of the Brahmi Script is also provided outside the rock edicts.


Stay tuned for more from the trip, read more about Puri, Chilika Lake & Konark.


 – The Wanderer

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