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52 Weeks Challenge – Week 20 – Coffee

Hi All,

This week’s challenge – brought by thegirlthatdreamsawake – is all about coffee and specifically your coffee mug and I’m very exciting as I’m a coffee lover and I never leave a chance to click any pic of the coffee I drink. So here is my mug which surprisingly has been a part of my life since past 4-5yrs and yet is still in a great shape 😉 Well, I don’t have a recent pic of my mug so this one’s from my archives.

And also because I’m a coffee lover and usually drink coffee as soon as I reach office so here’s another one from my office(yes!! I wear specs 😐)

And not to forget as I stay in warm weather(India) so I also love cold coffee with various flavours. So I would like to post another image of a coffee which I usually drink when I have craving for cold coffee which is a drink from Cafe Coffee Day and is called Devil’s Own.

That’s all for now.


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