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Ajmer – Things not to miss

Have you read about the first part of my Ajmer trip. If you’ve missed out, you can read it here.

After winding up the Pushkar trip, we came back in the mini van to Ajmer. Ajmer is famous for Dargah famously known as Ajmer Sharif Dargah or simply Ajmer Sharif. Ajmer Sharif is an international Islamic pilgrimage shrine which attracts huge number of tourists every year. The Dargah is primarily dedicated to Moinuddin Christi and has great religious importance.



After having our evening snacks, we visited the Ajmer Sharif Dargah around 9:00PM expecting less crowd at that time. It still had a lot of crowd, but comparatively easy to visit the shrine. Even at that time, from the main gate till the main shrine, the shops were open and even people were shopping. On entering the Dargah, as expected there was an immense divine atmosphere, some groups of people were offering their prayers with music and people sitting with them to connect with the almighty. Upon entering the main shrine, we offered our prayers and spent some time inside.

A big utensil for donations for food to be made in dargah

I immediately felt the connection to the super power, and while offering prayers I closed my eyes and for a moment I almost lost the connection with this world – which was an immensely powerful feeling and an unforgettable experience.

Ajmer Lake

We then headed back to the hostel and slept after a hectic day. Ajmer is also famous for the fabrics for Indian attire like salwar kameez , saris. We did some shopping and returned back to our rooms for the noon as it was hot outside. Post lunch we started towards Ana Sagar lake, which also have a boat riding arrangement which takes you to a small island where one can enjoy the evening.

Silhouette side of the Ajmer lake.

Have you been to Ajmer?? Do share your experience with us!!



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