Jaipur – The Pink City

Jaipur, “the pink city” well known for its eminent history and incredible architecture. As Jaipur is a relatively hot place, and there are particular months which are recommended to visit the city. We visited Jaipur in early February, but it still was pretty hot.

We started our journey mid morning as it was 6hr drive from Delhi and reached there around early evening. We checked in our hotel and enjoyed our mid-time meal.

We started off with a quick visit to Albert Hall museum, which is the oldest museum of the state and have a vast collection of Art and artifacts. It has Indo saracenic type of architecture and is designed same as the Victoria and Albert museum in London.


The museum has more than 10000 collection of historic objects like metal ware, ivory work, wooden objects, musical instruments, clocks, marble statues and much more.

Posting some of the pictures here:





Stay tuned about the rest of the trip in the next blog!!

– The Wanderer

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