Doors in a valley

Travel is like music to my soul which justifies my need to travel every now and then. In my current visit to Sangla Valley, Himachal Pradesh, India I found some doors once beautiful but time & weather have tarnished them. Where ever I go, I always try to connect with locals, request for their pictures and … More Doors in a valley

A deserted entry

Delhi never fails to enthrall me in any manner, be its history, the food, the urban architecture or the narrow alleys. When I visited Qutub Minar the very first time since my stay in Delhi, I made sure to click as many pictures I could. Even after coming out of its premises, I found this … More A deserted entry

Leibster Award!!!!

Greetings all, I have been nominated for the Leibster Award when I was least expecting it as I was busy AF on work from the past few months!! It surely is a reminder why I did start blogging in the first place and why shouldn’t I neglect it. I have been super occupied at work … More Leibster Award!!!!